michael mut

I Hate Hating


So you think you're not a hater or racist or judgmental? Think again. And here's the real kicker. It's even funny. Now that's just wrong.

But artist Michael Mut doesn't think it's wrong. On the contrary, he wants us to laugh at our dark side.

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"I Hate Hating" features photographs of people from all walks of life. And they're holding signs filled with racial slurs, hate filled text, unkind judgements and the like. But they're totally mismatched. An obese man might hold a sign that reads, "I'm bulimic"; A Christian might hold a sign, "Christ Killer".

As you view these sometimes hilarious and other times cynical or dark images, you begin to realize you're "correcting" them in your head with the automatic judgements ready at the tip of your tongue. Therein lies the magic of this masterpiece of social commentary. Our judgements and hatred are hard wired and ready to be spewed consciously or unconsciously. And Mut masterfully exposes our humanity by intentionally mis-labeling our "labels"

It's clear that Mr. Mut intends to inspire conversations that awaken new levels of consciousness in himself and in others.