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michael mut project space

Michael Mut Project Space is located in the East Village/L.E.S. of Manhattan. The space is utilized as a platform for contemplation on current events.

michael mut - project space owner, artist



New Museum  LYP/ Festival of Ideas  2010 / Ideas City 2013
GPS Academy / Summer  LYP internship program 2013
BMS Annual Health Summerfest  LYP 2013
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Grand Street Settlement LYP NY 2012
Fountain Art Fair Miami Love Yourself Project 2012 Fl. 2012
Earth School LYP Event NY 2012
Fashion Tech, High School    LYP NY 2012
FIGMENT, Govermors Island  LYP NY 2012-13
FLOW.12 Randall's Island LYP NY 2012
The Green Guerillas Community Youth Mural Project, NY 2002
Children's photo calendar for Tamarand Foundation to benefit children with HIV/AIDS, NY 1998
Broadway Cares Foundation, NY 1997
AIDS project New Haven fundraiser, New Haven, CT 1986
Congress Festival to raise money for Earth Day, CT 1989

Selected Solo

Fabio Scalia Salon, Brooklyn, 2014
SideWalks Curated Sarah Schmerler, Michael Mut Project Space NY 2012 
"still counting... "   Michael Mut Project Space, 2012
Look Again, Curated by Louis Yungling, Michael Mut Project Space NY 2011
"...and counting..." 45 Main St. DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY 2006
"...and counting..." "Installation on Violence/Killing", Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, NY, NY 2005
Permanent commissioned outdoor installation, Savannah, GA 2003-06
Scrapings - Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ 2005
Scrapings - Recent Paintings, Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, NY, NY 2004
"Dickin Around" Installation, One Little West 12th St. NY, NY 2001
Relatedness - Soho Photo, NY, NY 1998
The Hoofdzaak, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1996

Selected Group

I Kan Do Dat, Salena Gallery , Brooklyn NY 2014
Artistas De Loisaida, Tompkins Square Gallery 2014
Gifted Art, MMProject Space, NYC 2013
It’s a Matter of Mind, MMProject Space, NYC 2013
Untapped Love City Ideas/New Museum, NYC 2013
AsyMEtry, MMProject Space, NYC 2013
Hearts Love Yourself Project 2012                 
Sculpted Memory, Rush Gallery, Chelsea NY NY 2011                 
"small works" 80 Washington Square East Gallery, NY, NY 2009		
 BWAC Outdoor Sculpture Show, Brooklyn, NY 2009		
Earth Matters International Exhibition, TX 2008
CIR Pride Week Artists Exhibition, NY, NY 2008
"small works" 80 Washington Square East Gallery, NY, NY 2008
SOMARTS Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2008
Gallery on the Green, Pawling, NY 2008
D.u.m.b.o. Art Under the Bridge, Brooklyn, NY 2005-06	
Chicago Contemporary and Fine Art Exhibit, Chicago, IL 2004
Creatures, Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, NY, NY 2004
Albright-Knox Museum, Buffalo, NY 2004
Art Expo Philadelphia, Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, NY 2004
Night of 1000 Drawings, Artist's Space, NY 2003
CLAMPART Gallery, NY, NY 2003		
Wessel & O'Connor Gallery, NY, NY 2001		
Soho Photo Gallery, NY, NY 1997-0


I Hate Hating  2013
Oprah O magazine color people sculpture  2008
New NY Crossroads, A Journey to Oneness, Illustrations 2005
CD Cover, "Can I Count On You?", Richard Holley 2005
Published in Male Bonding Vol 2, Fotofactory Press, David Aden Gallery, Venice Beach, CA 1998

Art Donations 1995 - 2014

East Village Community Coalition
Millennium High School, NY NY
Red Cross, NY NY
Visual Aids, NY NY
Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn NY
Big Brothers, Big Sisters, San Francisco
PhotoVoice, NY
Live Out Loud, NY
Miami Light Project, FL
LGBT Community Center, NY

Awards 1994 - 2011

Juror Award, "small works", New York University, NY
Honorable Mention, Soho Photo Gallery, NY
Connecticut Friends of Adopted Children, CT
Honorable Mention, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, MA

Education 1980 - 2000

Art Student League, New York, NY., Teacher Larry Poons 1999-2000
International School of Photography, New York, NY 1997-1999
Tobe-Coburn , NY NY 1984-1985
S.C.S.U. New Haven, Conn.  1980-84

the lower east side

Loisaida (pronounced: lou.i.saidә) is a term derived from the Latino (and especially Nuyorican) pronunciation of “Lower East Side”. The term was originally coined by poet/activist, Bittman “Bimbo” Rivas in his 1974 poem "Loisaida". Loisaida Avenue is now an alternative name for Avenue C in the Alphabet City neighborhood of the East Village, New York City, whose population has largely been Hispanic since the late 1960’s.

Historically, the Lower East Side stretched from the East River at the southern end to 14th Street at the northern end, bound on the east by the river and on the west by First Avenue. It originally comprised German, Jewish, Irish and Italian working-class residents who lived in tenements without running water. Since the 1940s the demographic changed markedly several times: the addition of Stuyvesant Town / Peter Cooper Village after World War II at the northern end added a lower-middle to middle-class element to the area which contributed to the eventual gentrification of the area. The construction of large government housing projects south and east of 14rh Street and the growing Latino population transformed a large swath of the neighborhood into a Latin one until the late 1990’s when low rents attracted large numbers of artists and students to the area.

Today Loisaida is a hipster mecca that is quickly becoming further gentrified. Of particular interest is the large number of pocket gardens that are open to the public. With many new restaurants and shops opening in the area it is the perfect location for the Michael Mut Project Space.