Zara Notes
Performance Artist: Patrick Scheid

April 3- May 3, 2014

Performances every Wed-Sat
Wed-Fri from 4-8pm; Sat from 12-6pm

Come by whenever you like, stay as long as you dare.

Image of artwork advertising Below The Surface by artist Darryl LaVare March 2014 at Michael Mut Project Space, Lower East Side

On April 3rd, 2014, performance-based artist Patrick Scheid will begin Zara Notes; a month-long experiment in audience empowerment using Nietzsche’s seminal text, Thus Spake Zarathustra.

Tucked away in a corner gallery on Avenue C, people can find the 19th century German philosopher where they never expected. They will enter to find a man, claiming to be Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and a space filled with stacks of books, lumber, tools, wax, ink, pages of colorfully annotated text: the various oddsn’ends seemingly accumulated from years of restless travel. It’s up to the Zara man and audience members together to select materials and construct as they see fit. It’s a messy, raucous, joyful collaboration unlike any other, celebrating human interaction.

Zara Notes is a hyper-immersive exploration of neighborliness, dancing, herd-thought, hammer-wits, and großen Sehnsucht that may just result in the death knell of your own morality and the resurrection of your own agency! Admission is FREE so that one can guiltlessly return multiple times to enjoy a different experience each time. The public is invited to come when they can and stay as long as they like.


still counting...

Installation by Michael Mut

Please visit for the complete experience

Image of Still Counting by Michael Mut at Michael Mut Project Space, Lower East Side, New York

Beginning in 2004, "...and counting..." was my reaction to the violence and murder of the devastating incidents of 9/11 and the ongoing reports of death in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was an opportunity to put myself and others through the tough questions that surround violence and murder. I arrived at a conundrum: "I am opposed to killing and war, I love my country, but my government wages war... I pay taxes, and those dollars are used for warfare...I am ultimately inextricably connected to the whole process. I am killing innocent people with my money"

"...still counting..." expands my focus to include all acts of murder committed around the globe.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the next phase of the installation was put into action in New York City. Tagged mummies were placed in various locations throughout the city and the world, and I invite you to find and follow these objects to my website for more information and opportunities for participation.

From September to December 3, 2011, Michael Mut Project Space hosted the installation exposing the horrors of genocide. Over 9000 mummies were piled up in a pool of blood as you walked into the space. New mummies will be created daily to commemorate the murders that take place every day around the globe.